80’s Keyboard, YJRU4420
Accordion, YJRU4256
Banjo, YJRU4502
Blue Guitar, YJRU1066
Maracas, YJRU4505
Mother of Pearl Guitar, YJRU0125
Music Notes, YJRU1052/YJRU4580
Piano, YJRU2487  
Tambourine, YJRU1222


Boombox, YJRU0674
Boombox, YJRU3173/YJRU4269
Cassette Tape, YJRU1185/YJRU2622
Headphones, YJRU1068
Headphones, YJRU6184
Jukebox, YJRU7321
Karaoke Machine, YJRU5341
MP3 Player, YJRU5391
Record Player, YJRU0355/YJRU0964
Record Player, YJRU4250
Record, YJRU5342

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