Holidays & Special Occassions

Newborn Baby

Baby Bottle (pink), YJRU5083
Baby Bottle (blue), YJRU5083
Safety Pin, YJRUSC51

New Year’s Eve

2007 Glasses, YJRU0962
2013 Glasses, YJRU6243
2013 Champagne Bucket, YJRU7314
2013 Champagne Bucket, YJRU7332
Champagne in Bucket, YJRU3431
NYE Fedora, YJRU1505
NYE Party Hat, YJRU4448

Valentine’s Day

2007 Box of Chocolates, YJRU1051
2008 Box of Chocolates, YJRU2672
2011 Box of Chocolates, YJRU4642
2012 Box of Chocolates, YJRU5535
Be Mine Heart Locket, YJRU3629
Boquet of Pink Roses, YJRU3788
Bouquet of Red Roses, YJRU2657
Love Dial, YJRU1616
Love Dial, YJRU3630
Love Letter, YJRU2673
Lovestruck Heart, YJRU1613
Lovestruck Heart, YJRU1724

St. Patrick’s Day

3-D Clover, YJRU0008/YJRU0393/YJRU2385
Clover Locket, YJRU1681
Pot of Gold, YJRU4763
Shamrock, YJRU3734


Blue Easter Egg w. Chick, YJRU2772
Easter Basket, YJRU6471
Easter Egg w. Yorkie, YJRU1682

Polka-dot Easter Egg w. Chick, YJRU5615


Prom Bouquet, YJRU3820
Prom Limo, YJRU4866


2005 Graduation Cap, YJRU unknown
2006 Graduation Cap, YJRU0745

2007 Class Ring, YJRU1152
2008 Class Ring, YJRU1773
2008 Graduation Cap, YJRU Unknown
2009 Class Ring, YJRU2877
2009 Graduation Cap, YJRU2941
2010 Class Ring, YJRU3821
2010 Graduation Cap, YJRU2940
2011 Class Ring, YJRU4865
2011 Graduation Cap, YJRU2943
2012 Graduation Cap, YJRU2944
2013 Graduation Cap, YJRU3249
Diploma (2006), YJRU0744
Diploma (2007), YJRU1153
Tassel, YJRU Unknown


2006 Wedding Cake, YJRU0766
2010 Wedding Cake, YJRU3819
2011 Wedding Cake, YJRU5080
Bride and Groom, YJRU4864

Back to School

Backpack, YJRU7027
Laptop, YJRU3739

Locker, YJRU4076
Lunch Box, YJRU5055
Notebook, YJRU3074
Notebook, YJRUOC47
Pennant, YJRU1774
School Bus, YJRU4077
Yearbook, YJRU2878


Bunny Mask, YJRU4766
Cat Mask, YJRU7153
Ghost, YJRU0506
Jack o’ Lantern, YJRU1363
Jack o’ Lantern, YJRUOC46
Masquerade Mask, YJRU2326
Pave Jack o’ Lantern, YJRU5168
Pave Skull, YJRU6329 
Skull, YJRU4193
Sugar Skull, YJRU6032
Sugar Skull, YJRU7232
Turquoise Skull, YJRU6801
Witch Hat, YJRU7156
Vampire Lips, YJRU4252
Vampire Lips, YJRU5693
Vampire Mouse, YJRU5167
Yorkie in Devil Costume, YJRU2331


Cornucopia, YJRU0356
Teepee, YJRU3181
Wishbone, YJRU0874
Wishbown in Circle, YJRU Unknown

December Holidays

Christmas Light Bulb, YJRU1465
Christmas Ornament, YJRU2404
Christmas Stocking, YJRU2406
Christmas Stocking, YJRU2427
Christmas Stocking, YJRUOC02

Christmas Tree, YJRU2405
Driedel, YJRU2408
Moroccan Star, YJRU4314
Pave Bow, YJRU4352
Pink Bow, YJRU4353
Present, YJRU3318
Present, YJRUOC04
Reindeer, YJRU0929

Sleigh, YJRU4357
Teddy Bear in a Tree Costume, YJRU4354
Yorkie in Santa Costume, YJRU2409

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