AB Pave Puff Heart, YJRU4680 
Broken Heart Duo, YJRU2599 
Broken Heart Duo, YJRU2661 
Chained Heart, YJRU Unknown 
Flower Locket, YJRU3684 
Gold Puff Heart, YJRU5066
Heart and Crown, YJRU3684 
Heart Spinner, YJRU1085 
Heart w. Arrows, YJRU Unknown 
Juicy Cares Heart, YJRU Unknown
Loved By Juicy Heart, YJRU Unknown 
Nautical Heart, YJRU1657 
Pave Puff Heart, YJRU0930 
Pave Puff Heart, YJRU2597
Pave Puff Heart, YJRU7327
Pave Puff Heart,  YJRU7333

Pink Heart Locket, YJRU0657 
St. Jude’s Heart, YJRU2434 
Yellow Pave Heart, YJRU5392

Faceted CZ Stone hearts released through 2012

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