Cocktails & Adult Beverages

Beer Can, YJRU5437
Champagne Bottle, YJRU0963
Champagne Bottle, YJRU5389
Champagne Bottle, YJRU6239
Champagne Flute, YJRU2501
Cocktail Shaker, YJRU1359
Cocktail Shaker, YJRU6241
Coconut Drink, YJRU1530
Cosmo, YJRU5078
Margarita, YJRU4506
Martini, YJRU1218
Martini w. Candy Cane, YJRU7319
Mojito, YJRU6527
Pineapple Drink, YJRU2545
Tiki Drink, YJRU3868
Tropical Cocktail, YJRU0596

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Coconut Water, YJRU6472
Coffee Mug, YJRU1358

Eggnog, YJRU6244
Frappe, YJRU4731
Golden Chalice, YJRU unknown
Grape Soda, YJRU5713
Green Tea, YJRU5975
Hot Chocolate, YJRU5337
Hot Cocoa, YJRU0545/YJRU2624
Hot Cocoa, YJRU3321
Iced Tea, YJRU4920
Soda Can, YJRU4318
Tea Cup, YJRU2628
Tea Cup, YJRU3688
Teapot, YJRU2627
Teapot, YJRU3689
Teapot, YJRU5893
Water Carfe, YJRU Unknown

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