Individual Charms – Charms released individually, with clasp closure

Charm Sets – Charms released as a set, either on a bracelet or as a box of 2 or more charms.  Charms listed here have clasp closure for easy removal.

Charm Collections – Individually released charms, often released simultaneously, to complete a full collection.

Charm Categories – Individual charms by category, providing an easy way to see what charms Juicy Couture has released related to a specific area (for instance, all of the dog charms that have been released to-date).  Note that a charm has the potential to fall under multiple categories, though each charm is only listed under a single category, thus each category may not be all-inclusive.

List of Charms – Spreadsheet with a list of all charms released, in chronological order according to the YJRU style number.

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