March 9th Updates

1) New pages added for:

  • Strawberry Shortcake, YJRU7785
  • 2014 Easter Bunny, YJRU7786
  • Bird Bath, YJRU7788
  • Candy Jar, YJRU7789
  • Pave Ladybug, YJRU7890
  • Pave Bumblebee, YJRU7892

With the November 2013 purchase of the Juicy Couture brand by Fifth and Pacific, Juicy Couture stores are on their way out.  Although the current owner Fifth & Pacific will continue to operate Juicy retail stores through June,  most Juicy outlets are closing up shop in March.  Much of the Juicy Couture brand, including jewelry, will be sold at Khols staring in the fall of 2014.  There is much speculation as to whether our beloved charms will continue on or die off with the Juicy Couture retail locations, so definitely take advantage of the sales and snag all those charms on your wishlist while they last! 


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