January 23 Updates

1) New pages added for:

  • Brown Teddy Bear, YJRU7595
  • Year of the Horse, YJRU7596
  • 2014 Box of Chocolates, YJRU7597
  • Music Box, YJRU7598
  • 2014 Pave Heart and Arrow, YJRU7599
  • Clapperboard, YJRU7600
  • Best Actress Statue, YJRU7601
  • King’s Crown, YJRU7602
  • Best Friends Pave Heart, YJRU7603
  • White Teddy Bear, YJRU7905
  • Tiered Birthday Cake, YJRU7906
  • VW Beetle, YJRU7713
  • Jupiter, YJRU7714
  • White Flower w. Butterfly, YJRU7715
  • Moon and Stars, YJRU7716
  • Yellow Rubber Duckie, YJRU7717
  • Alien, YJRU7718
  • Leprechaun, YJRU7787

2 thoughts on “January 23 Updates

  1. Hi I saw this site as I trying research prices for charms I’m selling for a friend. She has 100’s! Some I can’t find anywhere to get a price. Is there a list that you know of. She has crazy rare retired ones like caviar ect I can’t find anything online to even begin pricing these rare ones. Thanks for any help.

    • To the best of my knowledge there isn’t a site that lists the secondary market price for charms, simply because the price for a paticular charm can fluctuate so much! The best thing I can recommend would be to check and/or watch ebay for current and previous listings (esp. those that sold). Some of the rare charms don’t show up as often, so it can be a waiting game. Also with the rare charms, sellers will list them for high prices and the charm will go unsold for a while – all things to take into consideration.

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