August 30th Updates

1) New pages added for:

  • Candy Apple, YJRU7026
  • Backpack, YJRU7027
  • Maltese, YJRU7028
  • Horse, YJRU7029
  • Padlock & Key, YJRU7030
  • Dairy Cow, YJRU7031
  • Gold Horseshoe, YJRU7032
  • Choose Juicy Tee, YJRU7033
  • Bust of Buddha, YJRU7086
  • T Rex, YJRU7089
  • Leopard, YJRU7090
  • Leopard Print Handbag, YJRU7087
  • Monkey, YJRU7088
  • Robe, YRU7091
  • Black Cat, YJRU7154
  • Cat Mask, YJRU7153
  • Witch Hat, YJRU7156
  • Red Rose, YJRU7157
  • Sarcophagus, YJRU7158
  • Cameo, YJRU7159
  • 2013 Sugar Skull, YJRU7232
  • Cherry Pie, YJRU7155
  • Red Hummingbird, YJRUOC17 (2012)
  • Hightop Sneaker, YJRUOC22 (2012)
  • Teal Elephant, YJRUOC27 (2012)
  • Gold Tiara, YJRUOC28
  • Silver Tiara, YJRUOC28
  • Ballerina, YJRUOC29
  • Lipstick, YJRUOC31
  • Watermelon, YJRUOC32
  • Neon Angel Fish, YJRUOC33
  • Blue Sneaker, YJRUOC42
  • Cardinal, YJRUOC43
  • Jack-o-lantern, YJRUOC46
  • Spiral Notebook, YJRUOC47
  • Football Helmet, YJRUOC48
  • Megaphone, YJRUOC49
  • Silver Leaf, YJRUOC50
  • Brown Owl, YJRUOC53
  • Leopard Head, YJRUOC54
  • Pink Popsicle, YJRUSC16
  • Monarch Butterfly, YJRUSC17
  • Peep Toe Shoe, YJRUSC18

2) Categories/Themes pages updated to reflect new charms:

  • Animals
  • Fairy Tales
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Fun and Games
  • Holidays
  • House and Home
  • Sports and Fitness
  • Travel
  • Trees and Plants

3) 2012 and 2013 Charms pages updated to reflect the newly added charms

The “Comprehensive Charm Spreadsheet” is also as up-to-date as I can get it.  Still needs some more info on the more recently released outlet charms, which I’m hoping to get soon (i.e., it’s time for me to make a stop at my closest outlet) so that I can add the pages for those charms as well!


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