February 22 Updates

1) New charm pages added: 

  • 2005 Grad Cap
  • Pink Quilted Bowler Bag, YJRUS057
  • Red, White, and Pink Roses

2) Categories/Themes pages updated to reflect new charm pages

  • Fashion
  • Holidays & Special Occasions

3) Additional information added to the following charm pages:

  • Strawberry, YJRU0013/YJRU2389
  • Princess Shield Charm, YJRU0172
  • Megaphone, YJRU0451/YJRU3593
  • Ladybug, YJRU0599
  • Pear, YJRU0856
  • Cancer, YJRU1000
  • Swan Prince, YJRU1053
  • 2007 Class Ring, YJRU1152
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberry, YJRU1219/YJRU3594
  • T-shirt w. Bows, YJRU1462/YJRU2621
  • Ice Skate, YJRU1723
  • Postcard, YJRU1768
  • Pave T-shirt, YJRU2318
  • White Peep-toe heel (gold), YJRU2414
  • White Peep-toe heel (silver), YJRU2483
  • Louis XV Chair, YJRU2491
  • Strawberry, YJRU2844/YJRU1464
  • Pink Present, YJRUOC04

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