I’m alive and haven’t forgotten about this site!

Hi fellow charmies! I thought it was high time I make a quick update, just to let everyone know that I have not completely forgotten about this site. I know the last update was months ago, but I’m hoping to rectify that soon! I’ve just been a little busy the past few months with life, including prepping for our newest addition to the family:

Coral 1

I’m sure most of you know, but in Juicy Charm news, our favorite little gems will live on. With the closing of all the U.S. stores and talk of Juicy going to Khols, there was speculation that we’d be loosing our beloved charms. Turns out that with the re-launch of the Juicy website and plans to reopen select locations as “World of Juicy” stores in 2015, our charms are here to stay. Be on the look-out for new charms being added to JuicyCouture.com around the end of July/beginning of August 2014.  Hopefully by that time I’ll also have found some free time, while the baby is napping of course, to update the site accordingly!

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March 9th Updates

1) New pages added for:

  • Strawberry Shortcake, YJRU7785
  • 2014 Easter Bunny, YJRU7786
  • Bird Bath, YJRU7788
  • Candy Jar, YJRU7789
  • Pave Ladybug, YJRU7890
  • Pave Bumblebee, YJRU7892

With the November 2013 purchase of the Juicy Couture brand by Fifth and Pacific, Juicy Couture stores are on their way out.  Although the current owner Fifth & Pacific will continue to operate Juicy retail stores through June,  most Juicy outlets are closing up shop in March.  Much of the Juicy Couture brand, including jewelry, will be sold at Khols staring in the fall of 2014.  There is much speculation as to whether our beloved charms will continue on or die off with the Juicy Couture retail locations, so definitely take advantage of the sales and snag all those charms on your wishlist while they last! 

January 23 Updates

1) New pages added for:

  • Brown Teddy Bear, YJRU7595
  • Year of the Horse, YJRU7596
  • 2014 Box of Chocolates, YJRU7597
  • Music Box, YJRU7598
  • 2014 Pave Heart and Arrow, YJRU7599
  • Clapperboard, YJRU7600
  • Best Actress Statue, YJRU7601
  • King’s Crown, YJRU7602
  • Best Friends Pave Heart, YJRU7603
  • White Teddy Bear, YJRU7905
  • Tiered Birthday Cake, YJRU7906
  • VW Beetle, YJRU7713
  • Jupiter, YJRU7714
  • White Flower w. Butterfly, YJRU7715
  • Moon and Stars, YJRU7716
  • Yellow Rubber Duckie, YJRU7717
  • Alien, YJRU7718
  • Leprechaun, YJRU7787
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A few words…

Good morning all!

I’ve been getting questions lately about whether I have certain charms to sell.  By and large, I intended this site as a place to share photos and information on charms that Juicy has released.  As you can see from “My Charm Stash” page, I do own a number of charms, but I also have a HUGE wishlist.  Of the charms I do have, I have no intention of parting with them.  On the random occasion that I do have a charm to sale (usually duplicates that I receive in a group charm purchase from secondary sources), I’ll list them on the “Juicy For Sale” page.

I completely understand folks trying to track down those hard-to-find lemmings.  Best I can do is recommend checking secondary selling sites such as ebay and craigslist.  I wish each of you (and myself) luck in tracking down each charm that you want at a decent price!

December 6th Updates

1) New pages added for:

  • YJRU7312, Honey Bear
  • YJRU7317, Video Game Controller
  • YJRU7321, Jukebox
  • YJRU7324, Pink Box of Petit Fours
  • YJRU7331,Yellow Box of Petit Fours
  • YJRU7527, Pave Star

2) Categories/Themes pages updated to reflect new charms:

  • Animals
  • Food
  • House and Home
  • Music

3)  2013 Charms page updated to reflect the newly added charms

November 17 Updates

1) New pages added for:

  • YJRU7311, 2013 Snowflake
  • YJRU7336, 2013 Snowflake
  • YJRU7314, 2013 Champagne Bucket (Silver)
  • YJRU7332, 2013 Champagne Bucket (Gold)
  • YJRU7315, Dalmatian
  • YJRU7326, Reindeer
  • YJRU7322, Ski Mouse
  • YJRU7320, White Ice Skate

2) Categories/Themes pages updated to reflect new charms:

  • Animals
  • Holidays and Special Occassions
  • Seasons
  • Sports and Fitness

3)  2013 Charms page updated to reflect the newly added charms

4) Additional information and photos added to the Charm Boxes page.

October 14th & 15th Updates

1) New pages added for:

  • YJRU2615, Red Cherries
  • YJRU7313, Cell Phone
  • YJRU7316, Dachshund in a bun
  • YJRU7318, 2013 Gingerbread House
  • YJRU7319, Candy Cane Martini
  • YJRU7323, Viva La Fleur Fragrance
  • YJRU7325, Black Daydreamer
  • YJRU7327, Crystal Pave Heart
  • YJRU7329, NYC Taxi
  • YJRU7330, Rocket
  • YJRU7333, Pink Pave Heart
  • YJRU7334, Pink Ice Skate
  • YJRU7335, Pink Daydreamer
  • YJRU7508, Panda Bear
  • YJRU7529, A – Initial
  • YJRU7530, B – Initial
  • YJRU7531, C – Initial
  • YJRU7532, D- Initial
  • YJRU7533, E – Initial
  • YJRU7534, F – Initial
  • YJRU7535, G – Initial
  • YJRU7536, H – Initial
  • YJRU7537, I – Initial
  • YJRU7538, J – Initial
  • YJRU7539, K – Initial
  • YJRU7540, L – Initial
  • YJRU7541, M – Initial
  • YJRU7542, N – Initial
  • YJRU7543, O – Initial
  • YJRU7544, P – Initial
  • YJRU7545, Q – Initial
  • YJRU7546, R – Initial
  • YJRU7547, S – Initial
  • YJRU7548, T – Initial
  • YJRU7549, U – Initial
  • YJRU7550, V – Initial
  • YJRU7551, W – Initial
  • YJRU7552, X – Initial
  • YJRU7553, Y – Initial
  • YJRU7554, Z – Initial
  • YJRUOC35, Blue Macaw
  • YJRUSC51, Safety Pin

2) Categories/Themes pages updated to reflect new charms:

  • Animals
  • Drinks
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Hearts
  • Fun and Games
  • Holidays & Special Occasions
  • House and Home
  • Sports and Fitness
  • Travel

3)  2013 Charms page updated to reflect the newly added charms

4) Additional photos added to the Charm Boxes page.

5) Updated information on Charm Tags.